Project of common interest

Paldiski LNG import and regasification terminal developed by Balti Gaas is included in the European Union’s Projects of Common Interest (PCI) list. Having a PCI status means that the project has significant impact on one of the set priority corridors and areas: Regulation No 347/2013, Annex I, section 8 – Baltic Energy Market Interconnection Plan in gas (BEMIP Gas). Projects belonging to the PCI list benefit from faster and more efficient permit granting procedures and improved regulatory treatment. Balti Gaas as the project promoter can also apply for support from Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) program. Paldiski LNG terminal is in compliance with the criteria set for Projects of Common Interest by offering an additional gas importing possibility which will increase competition and develop the market for natural gas. It will also significantly improve security of supply in Estonia by adding a potential gas importing corridor and offering gas storing possibility. LNG as an environment friendly fuel will offer a way for companies to reduce their CO2 emissions and make their ecological footprint smaller. The terminal could also offer those benefits to neighboring countries (Latvia and Finland) in cooperation with other projects developing the gas grid.

For additional information about the CEF program and Project of Common Interest can be found on the European Commission’s Energy infrastructurehomepage. Paldiski LNG terminal can be found in PCI list as project number

The public consultations and other procedures arranged regarding the project general and detailed planning are shown below as a list. Other documents related to the project can be found here.